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Staff Experience


Kelly, has been an animal lover all her life. Growing up on a hobby farm raised with horses, dogs, cats, pigs, rabbits and wild life has made Kelly strive to enter a career in animal care. She has gained experience with Grooming Shops, Vet Clinics, Kennels, Pet Stores and volunteered at shelters. She had apprenticed at commercial grooming shops where she was disappointed by the shops grooming techniques. Kelly felt that some shops focus was on numbers and quick turn-around and didn't provide the proper service for the dogs. Kelly feels that the clients should have the opportunity to see how their dog is treated throughout the grooming process, so she decided to venture on her own and build her own mobile dog grooming business. She feels each dog client should have her UNDIVIDED attention, leaving clients feeling satisfied with the service she has provided. With over 18 years of experience behind her, she will treat your dog as if it were one of her own, with love and gentle kindness. 

Kelly has also studied pet massage, a wonderful way to relax your dog, reduce stress and add to his or her enjoyment of the grooming process. She continues to broaden her education in the grooming field so that she can provide top quality care for your pet!

 Why am I one of the lowest around?

You must think...the higher I pay for the service...the more experience they have?
I grew up on a farm and had animals all my life. I started experimental shaving on my poodle named Tiger when I was 14 years old.
I have worked at vet clinics...worked at pet shops and grooming shops.
I have ran this business in Victoria B.C for 8 years now.
I am charging low prices because being mobile...my costs are low.
I really care about animals and want them taken care of. I would rather charge less and know that the client will call me often enough to take care of their fur balls. ..than not be able to afford it and the dogs suffer with matting.

Rags to Riches Commitment

RAGS TO RICHES DOG SPA is committed to ensuring that your best friend is provided with the care and attention that he/she needs. Important questions are asked to new clients to ensure that your dog's health and well-being are met before providing treatment. As a professional groomer, I will make sure to provide your dog in a calm and serene atmosphere.

Client's commitment

All I ask of all my clients is that if there is anything they would like changed or that I can do different, PLEASE let me know! I am open to ALL suggestions! Constructive criticism is how I learn and improve my service to both you and your best friend!