Rags To Riches Dog Spa

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Thank you for helping Max cope with getting groomed.Hats off to both of you!

Anita and Frank

I think your service is great, no more fighting with my dog to get him in the car!

Don P.

Thanks for making Jake look good. See you in a few months


Very pleased with your service, good groomers.



Thanks for squeezing an appointment for me, have a great holiday!


My dog is ready for Christmas now!


Thank you for your service, now I have found my dog a groomer!!!!!!


I like the shave you gave Bear, I will be telling people about your service, see you in the New Year!


I wish I could get a massage like Bailey got, lol.


We tried this type of service, and love it! We can relax at home, and see that our puppy is taken care of. Great cut, thanks.

Donna Z.

I tried this service from Rags to Riches Dog Spa, and they definitely have a regular customer! I love the fact that Kelly do not mind if you watch, and I can see how she treats my dog. They are VERY professional, and know my dog's needs from the first grooming session. I also love the fact that I do not have to drive to take Dexter for a groom!!! Way to go, Rags to Riches, good business!!!!
Rachel G


I am never going back to a groomer again. Having Kelly come to my house is the best, and Rocky loves her!!! 

Christine (Rocky)

We have been a very satisfied and loyal customer. I like Rags to Riches because they give individualized attention to each of their clients. Their attention to detail and respect of a pet's personality and emotional needs are shown in watching them work. We have one happy Terri-poo who knows that he has just been pampered!"
P.S- the massage works great, he was calm and relaxed!



 My Shih Tzu Buddy was groomed by Kelly. I love the fact that Buddy feels safe at home, and that Kelly don't mind at all but even encourage me to watch them. She shows her passion in grooming, and I recommend Rags to Riches to anyone!

I had my 2 dogs groomed by Rags to Riches Dog Spa a few times now, the groomer are very professional and know how to handle dogs. My dogs love to see Kelly when she comes over. They were always very scared going to grooming shops. Thanks, I will be passing your cards out for sure! You mean a lot to my dogs!!!



My babies just LOVES the baths they were given. They just fall rigght asleep on the couch after the wonderful massages...I will be sure to tell all my friends about it. TKS

P Chen 



I love how you treat the animals, you have patients when handling them and you are good at what you do! Debra

We love the cut you gave Muffin. Thanx.



Rocky, my dog, was groomed today by Kelly. The appointment was for 10am and Kelly was at my door right at 10. All that was required was a shave and Kelly did it in 45 minutes, including nails. There was no mess, the dog loved it, and to be sure I will pass her card around. I am very pleased with the experience and recommend it to everybody.
Christine Tritz.

Great Service!!!
My puppy loved it, was his first time, Kelly was wonderful.

Very knowledgable, fun and efficient! The grooming experience is much more enjoyable now that we have Kelly who can do it from the comfort of our own home!
Mike & Britt & Monty

To Kelly,
Many thanks for doing such a wonderful job with our dog- Abbey
The Barber Family

Kelly and her assistant were wonderful. Very considerate of our dog's feelings and comfort level. I would recommend her to for any dog. Very professional. One of the best groomers I've dealt with.
Celeste Alexander

Love the service. A great experience each time. Having home service is the way to go!
Thanks Kelly,
Charlie loves you!

They did a great job with no hassle! It was great.

Kelly is professional, friendly, kind and dependable. Bailey and KC loved her. We will look forward to seeing Kelly back again soon!
Thanks, the dogs look awesome!
Myrna Westmorland

Kelly does such a wonderful job, and she is so kind with both my dogs. It is so great her coming to the house as I don't have to drive them and wait hours to get a call to pick them both up.
Thanks Kelly, you are the best!
Bonnie Howard

This was a great experience! No stress for Tucker! I found both Kelly and Amy to be very gentle, patient and skilled. Tucker looked great when he was done. Thank you Kelly and Amy and we'll see you next time Tucker needs to be groomed! I recommend Kelly for sure!

Great, Great, Well Done
We Love You
Bear & Cardie

Thanks Kelly for being so patient with Lola. 3 grooming and she looks wonderful everytime.
L-A Timlock

Kelly did a great job with my dog, even when he was very difficult to groom. Wow, was she ever patient!

I am totally impressed! Kelly is very professional and loving to my dog. Ali's grooming is beautiful. What a wonderful experience to have such a lovely person in my home. My dog liked it too. Thanx again,
Diane and Ali

Kelly did a great job of giving our 3 1/2 month old Wheaten Terrier his first cut. We are very happy with the result.
John Neville

Thank you Kelly and Amy. Rommel looks and feels great. You were both very sensitive to his medical issues. Very much appreciated!
Pat and Rommel

Maggie, my 12 year old Shitzu has had her hair cut and nails trimmed 3 times now by Kelly and i have to say they have been the best cuts she has ever had!!  Kelly is a true professional and incredibly friendly, having her come to my home is an added convenience that is worth every dollar. I am new to Victoria and Rags to Riches dog spa services has been a blessing to me. THANK YOU KELLY!
Lisa Magee

Love your service & the confident and gentle way you handled BeeBee and Minxy. So convenient to have you come to our home. The dog's were much happier to be groomed in their own home.
Debra Playfair

It was great for my dog, much less stressful. Kelly was very careful with my dogs hind legs as they have luxating patellas.

Very quick, efficient, and hassle free.Good job! Nice cut!

Going to a grooming centre, no matter how decadent it is, will always create a degree of stress for your dog. Having your dog groomed in the comfort of his/her home with familial surroundings by professionals Kelly and Jen reduces the stress for the animal.
They are gentle, kind and very loving to your dog. Their tag team works so well because while one person ensures the comfort and safety of the dog the other person grooms.
I was worried that my house would get full of hair, quite the contrary, you can't even tell they were in your home. They leave it the way they find it. Most dogs can sense people that are genuine and Poochelli, my 10 year old 6 lb Maltese loves both Kelly and Jen.
They are quick, efficient and reasonably priced! Poochelli will never see the inside of a grooming facility or be placed in a cubicle dryer ever again!
Thank you Kelly and Jen for all that you do and for the love of dogs that you have!
 Maria Manna

It was our Goldendoodle puppy's first grooming and we were extremely pleased with the speed and expertise with which Kelly dealt with him. He looks great, and we have one happy puppy

For the first clipping, Kelly was very understanding and gentle. I'm not fully grown and I'm a little nervous, but Kelly made me feel comfortable. We hope to get a nice haircut again in a few months! Thank you!
 Irwin (Westie)

Calm and professional, even with my nervous Papillon. I was also pleased that Kelly took the time to research both of our breeds.
Maggie J

I was very impressed with Kelly and her excellent service. My Westie, Georgie had a calm and stress-free grooming.
With thanks,
Cathy O'Neill

This is Harley's second grooming with Kelly.We're still getting to know each other. But as Harley's owner, I'm pleased so far with her grooming and cooperation, as we go along on this new adventure for Harley.
Thanks, Rose

Very nice lady. Patient with the dogs. Attentive to detail. Will definitely call her again
Robyne (Jackson)

Poochi and I are very happy, we are so happy that we found you!!
Joanna (Poochi)

Rags to Riches Dog Grooming is an awesome service. Kelly was organized, professional and has a warm personality. She is always thinking about the animal (pet) and her equipment is clean and spotless. I would recommend this service to anyone!
Natasha (Teddy)

We used Rags to Riches Dog Spa for Bradley's first haircut. Kelly's expertise and professionalism was very apparent and we will continue to take advantage of her services. I am a first time dog owner and Kelly was great about putting my nerves at ease. Thanks Rags to Riches!
Angela (Bradley)

Realy good job, you are my groomer now
Sam N

Thanks for taking out ALL the mats! Great job you have done!

I'm really impressed with this service, My dog is too old to go in the car anymore, I'm so glad I found you in the phonebook! Thanks too for all your patience, you were meant to do this career!


I just wanted to let you know that I thought your service was wonderful.  Especially with how tangled his fur was. I just wanted you to know that I really appreciated what a nice job you did with him. I can appreciate with their fur that there is a narrow window between cute and matted nightmare.  You have a great service that I will recommend.

Thanks again, Jean and much happier Sicamousy

Thanks for a great groom, you made my puppy feel like it can and will be enjoyable!